With a specific leading from the Lord in 1974, Don and Katie Fortune first began learning about and researching the motivational gifts described in Romans 12:6-8. Through an intense study of the Scriptures and extensive observation of the gifts in action throughout people’s lives, they gained a broad perspective of these God-given gifts and how they shape each person’s personality, view of and response to everything in life. Their first questionnaire to help people discover their gifts was tested extensively in the United States and cross-culturally in many other countries.

Twelve years of continued research and testing led to the writing of their three books, Discover Your God-Given Gifts, Discover Your Children’s Gifts, and Discover Your Spouse’s Gifts, with accompanying workbooks and assessment tools. Through their organization, Heart to Heart International Ministries, Don and Katie have presented their seminars more than 2000 times across the nation and in 37 nations of the world. They have found that the biblically based teachings of the motivational gifts apply to all people, of all ages, regardless of nationality, culture or language.

In the fall of 2002, Don and Katie prayed specifically for two things: 1) A way to expand the teaching ministry to reach many more people, and 2) A way to perpetuate the ministry beyond their own life span. Two weeks later, their prayers were answered by a phone call from Don Burnham. He said that while reading the book Discover Your God-Given Gifts, the Lord told him to offer to help expand their ministry and perpetuate it. The nonprofit organization, The Foundation of Faith, Family and Friends, previously created by Don, became the instrument through which this was to be established.

Through this partnership, additional materials and various media have been created. In November of 2002 the first Teacher Training & Certification program was started. In January of 2003, the entire ordering and shipping department of Heart to Heart International
Ministries was moved to Venice, Florida enabling the joint ministry to have greater market outreach and impact both here and abroad.

Since then, over 200 Certified Gifts Teachers have been trained and equipped to teach the motivational gifts seminars. National and Regional Teacher Training & Certification opportunities continue to be available throughout the United States, Canada and other countries, for those who love teaching others about the wonderful God-given gifts that impact every area of life and enable people to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their life.

More than 300,000 copies of the Fortune’s first book, Discover Your God-Given Gifts, have been sold and are being utilized by thousands of churches around the world. The book and questionnaires are in many languages.


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