Discover Your God-Given Gifts
A fascinating guide to realizing and
practicing your personal gifts.

Biblical handbook to help you discover . . .

      • Why you think and act the way you do
      • How gifts affect your relationships
      • What career or ministry suits you best
      • How using your gifts will bring you joy
      • How to overcome conflicts with others
      • God's purpose for creating you with gifts

What makes you tick? Do you love to plan ahead, or take things as they come? Do you prefer teaching believers, or evangelizing the unsaved? We all love to discover things about ourselves. Therefore, Discover Your God-Given Gifts is fun as well as revealing. Don and Katie Fortune explain how the seven motivational gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8 are actually the key to understanding the very motivating forces of our lives, the forces God created within us to help us serve Him more fully. The authors provide extensive and insightful "self-help" forms that help you recognize your gifts. You'll see why you act and think the way you do. Using your motivational gifts will bring you the greatest joy you have ever known.

Discover Your Children's Gifts
A parent's handbook to recognize and
develop your children's God-given gifts

Biblical handbook to help you discover . . .

      • How gifting formulates a child's personality
      • How to encourage development of your child's gifts
      • New insights for effective communication
      • How to enhance your child's education
      • Ways to work well with teens
      • Insights for those who work with children

Did you know that your children's behavior patterns and personality traits are influenced by their motivational gifts? Maybe you're troubled because you son seems to be almost too "picky" about choosing friends. This is often the mark of a perceiver. Do your daughter's teachers claim she is a "daydreamer"? Most likely she is a compassion person.

In Discover Your Children's Gifts, Don and Katie Fortune help you recognize and develop your children's gifts. Based on Proverbs 22:6 and Romans 12:6-8, this fun, eye-opening workbook gives clear direction for identifying your children's personality gifts and helping them reach their God-given potential.

Discover Your Spouse's Gifts
The key to making the most
of your marriage.

Biblical handbook to help you discover . . .

      • How gifts affect your marriage
      • How recognizing one another's gifts resolves conflicts
      • How to find joy in your God-gifted marriage


Drawing from more than 35 years of marriage counseling and the rock-solid guidance of Scripture, the Fortunes reveal that they key to making the most of your marriage is identifying the strengths of your mate. Once you do and recognize that these strengths are from God, you'll develop a renewed love, appreciation and respect for the uniquely created person you married.

Packed with practical ideas, hundreds of real-life illustrations and a thirteen-week study guide, this powerful resource is excellent for group study. Turn a frequent source of irritation into a natural complement to your own God-given gifts with this biblical, comprehensive handbook for improving you marriage and ministry effectiveness.

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